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Our company was founded in 1982 and positioned itself as a manufacturer of synchronous motor and timer switch due to the shortage of those key components in Taiwan. In 1985, it established plastic injection factory. In meanehile, was engaged in the injection molding of plastic parts used in electronic products, telephone sets and computer peripherals.

Our company was founded and invested 8 million US dollars in a new 95,800 square feet manufacturing facility at Taipei Hsien in 1988. In addition, It upgraded production equipments and set up automatic assembly lines. In 1992, the completion of this new manufacturing facility. and the mold department,1994 CNC factory was set up for metal part and mold part. And invested die-casting factory in 1998, international-trade department and plastic flat sheet department was set up in 2000, invested rubber factory and stamping factory in 2002 and the assemble factory was set up in China and for aggressively proceeding with technology innovations for the overseas markets.

The Three Pillars of MainMold' Reputation

Sincerity: To the word and to each customer.Our clients' trust is the key to our success. Our outstanding achievements and steady development have made life better for everyone.

Creativity: Professionalism is the foundation of our spirit, and confidence improves our attitude and is the beginning and end of our capability. Creativity assures us that "Immagination is more important than knowledge". And our differentiated strategy means that our company can contribute more.

Value: The creation of value is the source of competitiveness for a company. It is grounded in the concepy of "Always Moving Up". When R&D efforts are geared toward value you are working toward the same goal as your clients and the consumer. when you do this, you win the acknowledgment and admiration of the public.

Future Prospect

1. Create technology and name: "Sincerity" and "Quality is Responsibility"

2. Keep up with new technology,acquire best talents to better R&D,enhance employee welfare

3.Strengthen automatic production and raise productivity and improve the quality of products to lower cost.

4. Speed up business expansion and export,search other related products for customer, provide high quality and good servied,and establish long-term and mutually-benefical relations with customers.

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